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When I started my online business, I knew I had a lot to learn. One of the first things I kept seeing was that I had to use autoresponders to be successful.

OK, I thought, what are they and why? As I continued to read bits and pieces here and there, I began to get a picture of what autoresponders were.

Surely, I thought, somebody has a website that thoroughly explains these things and why every online business has to use them.

Then I started a newsletter, and needed an email list handler. I saw an autoresponder product that claimed to be the ultimate product to handle opt-in lists, so I purchased it and paid to have it installed on my web host’s server.

But I quickly found that it was missing a critical feature that it should have had to be a good list handler. A $100 mistake!!

Surely, I thought, somebody has a website that lays out all the autoresponder products side-by-side so I could see which one has the features I need.

Now you can take advantage of my mistakes and months of hard work, to kick your autoresponder power level to maximum!

The All-In-One-Place comprehensive buyer’s and user’s guide to your most powerful email marketing tool!

Dmitry Nanev, Developer of Sales Ratio Booster system, endorsed by some top marketers

Six practical steps to meet the 3 ‘musts’ with an automated email list builder and follow-up process

How to set up an entire Pre-Sale, Sale and Post-Sale autoresponder campaign, with the complete All About Autoresponders sales campaign shown as an example.

You will also receive free upgrades to the e-book as new versions are released! Truthfully, the internet playing field changes more rapidly than any previous business environment. So do the tools of the trade for this playing field. Don’t rely on out-dated information. All About Autoresponders is continually updated with the most current information to make your use of autoresponders as successful as possible.

I just finished your new eBook "All About Autoresponders". It is good. No, not good, GREAT. I like to think I know a little about autoresponders, but you taught me plenty.

This book is a keeper. I even printed out a hard copy to have quick access to all of the information. The "Dynamic Marketplace Web Site" is the "whipped cream and nuts" on the already great sundae.

Who can benefit from receiving a continual supply of the latest knowledge about everything in the autoresponder world?

New Internet business owners who are just learning the importance of autoresponders to email marketing and are looking for a good autoresponder product or a source of solid autoresponder application information.

Business pros that need to keep abreast of the latest autoresponder developments but know they don’t have time to do the continual research themselves.

In other words, if you are in business online, chances are you… Read more…