Fancy Fillies Horse Racing SystemClick Image To Visit SitePlease Note: The Fancy Fillies System is a laying system. It makes extensive use of Betting Exchanges. Betting Exchanges are not legal in some countries and states in the US. Please check if you can legally use a Betting Exchange in your own country. Quick Win/Loss Results below

EXTRA BONUS – so that you can check that the system really works! We are giving away, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, three month’s FREE membership of the selection service – worth £90 + a designer calculator!

We offer a Special Selection service with this system. Members sign in every morning to a special page where we post the selection for the day. This has been selling for years at £30.00 a month – so immediately you get access to a bonus of £90.00! Plus the sytem comes with a special calculator worth £50.00*! Already you are in pocket, and with the selection service you won’t need to spend 15 minutes each day, just a few seconds to access a private members’ page.

Your statement will show the payment as to ClickBank. Also the cost is in US$ converted to the currency of your country and the exchange rates can vary.

So what were my testing results? Well, the Fancy Fillies System strike rate has never gone below 80% for me! Because of the low odds this system lays at, that strike rate produced a huge profit. By the end of one month I made £230 profit and the initial bank I had set aside for Fancy Fillies was smaller than that! The guide also draws up specific illustrations and examples to test your understanding of the system, to ensure that you fully understand it before you risk your hard earned money. The only point that worried me slightly was that if you used the system at different times, you can actually get different selections, on some days that is, a few, due to changes in the market. But it does not really matter because I found that whichever selections I chose they all ended up losing horses anyway! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Another Independent Review from a professional site. Well I’m please to say I’m writing something positive for a laying system! Inn fact it’s actually a first! After testing many laying systems over the years, here on the CashMaster Blog, I was at the point of giving up with laying horses though I knew there had to be at least one good system out there, or nobody would be doing it. The Fancy Fillies System is definitely one system I’ll be adding to my portfolio of betting systems. 73.04% profit in a month! I’d have to be mad not to. Sure, I don’t expect to make that much profit every month and maybe I hit some good months (lucky me!) but if it made 20% return on the bank averagely a month I’d be extremely happy with that. The lowest strike rate I got over the time was 73.33%. The low liability combined with this strike rate gives a healthy profit. I actually have just had a strike rate of 82.14% which I am very pleased with. Thanks guys, CashMaster ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

From a customer, G. McLuckie Once again thanks for making sure everything is okay, with this (the FFF Plan) and the Fancy Fillies System I know I am on to a winner. And the fact that you take time to enquire and reply to my previous email enquiry promptly, goes to show you not one of those ‘take the money and thank you merchants’! Happy Betting, Gary. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

From a customer, Frank Noon I am writing this testimonial about Dennis and Hazel, the people who devised the Fancy Fillies laybet system. I have over the years been conned by a few charlatons selling duff system and paying upfront for tips from useless tipsters who hide behind their p.o. box number. I purchased The Fancy Fillies system a while back and soon got the hang of it. I did to the letter what it said and it works a treat if you follow the rules. In all my time of being involved with systmes and tipsters, this is the first time I have been involved with two genuine and honest people… Read more…