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I’m not going to waste any time, here are the facts of the matter – I play online roulette using Roulette Reaper for five hours every day. My average hourly take is £250 – £280 ($420 – $470 per hour in US dollars). That means in five hours I can make £1350 (about $2250), and in ten sessions I can make over £13,500, or about $22,500! That is serious money, the kind of outstanding earnings that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet.

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Everyone is familiar with the rules of roulette. Spin the wheel, place your bets, and the resulting number can pay out in any number of different ways: winning number play, red or black, odd or even, thirds, rows, etc. The layout is simple for an experienced hand, but may be bewildering to a novice.

Roulette Reaper can transform anyone into a veteran gambler. This software application is specially-designed to be simple, accessible, & effective. Just the basics:

Gambling is… a gamble! Sometimes you win, more often you lose, and really what you hope for is a little bit of luck to help you make a run and win some money. These are games of chance, there’s no talent involved, there’s no skill to be applied that can shift the odds away from the casinos and into the players’ hands.

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about games of chance. Roulette Reaper is the product of thousands of hours of roulette play, and combines the most effective parts of no fewer than five different winning roulette systems. A peek ‘underneath the hood’ reveals these systems at work, ensuring that you get the edge you need to turn the tables on the casinos:

Predictive algorithm generator –Some people have remarked that Roulette Reaper seems ‘psychic’… and that’s because it almost is! The program sorts the possible future outcomes and ranks them in order of probability. When certain numbers or patterns progress beyond a certain probabilistic threshold, Roulette Reaper lets you know that it is time to bet – the likelihood of a win is particularly high at that moment.

Progressive bet planner –Consistently betting the proper amount is the key to beating the casinos, and the least understood component to winning at roulette. This program is constantly analysing patterns of results, to determine the correct amount to bet for each opportunity. Roulette Reaper takes away the guesswork, and lets you know exactly how much to bet and when.

“Gary, I’d just like to say thanks, this is an unbelievably easy bit of kit to use. In my first hour alone I made the equivalent of a weeks wages for me, just a pip under £300, brilliant!” – Rachael Morison, UK

Roulette Reaper is a unique, precision program that performs thousands of calculations per second based upon the input from your gaming – the program might go a dozen spins or more without a recommendation to bet, but when it does you can be certain that the maths beneath the hood support your odds of winning. Roulette Reaper turns you into an optimised gambling machine… and the casinos can’t do anything about it!

Roulette Reaper is not magic – you won’t win every time, but you will get an edge that puts the odds in your favour, guaranteeing steady results over time. YOU WILL WIN MONEY USING ROULETTE REAPER!!! I’m so confident in this system that I offer a complete money-back guarantee (more on that below).

1. They prey on amateur gamblers. People who bet the same ‘lucky’ numbers over and over again, or who get frustrated and throw everything on red, or who don’t have an exit strategy to lock in… Read more…